A curious boy enters the cemetery of his town to accompany the gravedigger during a night of work.
'El Sepulturero' (The Gravekeeper) was born as a children's story, written by Abraham S. Muñoz-Cruzado, with a clear intention. The story was first illustrated and self-published by Juanca Arniz.
Over time, Juanca decides to expand his 3D knowledge and recreates the boy's character in Blender, as well as practising rigging, texturing and animation.
After seeing the potential of the tool, in a small push he creates the animatic of the story and shows it to several friends. Among them is Antonio Rosa, who confirms the story as worthy of being told and finished, as well as taking charge of production and distribution.

Irene Arévalo

Elena Arniz Cordones
Carlos R. Cadierno

Direction and Realisation
Juanca Arniz

Production y Distribution
Antonio Rosa Lobo
J. Abraham S. Muñoz-Cruzado

Gravestone design and illustration
David “Berlui” Sánchez Rey

Character Design, modelling, rig and texturing
Juanca Arniz
— - Props y Models
Audio recorded in DINH MEDIA S.L.
Voice recording technician
Jesus "Suly" Caballero
Actor' s direction
Carlos R. Cadierno
Sfx edition
Juanca Arniz

“The One Eyed Captain” and “Golden Sunrise”
Ian Post (Artlist Licensed)

Translation and Subtitles
English translation and subtitles

Marta Repiso
French translation and subtitles
Inés María Arniz Cordones

Azahara Peinado
David Berlui
Ruben Gimenez “Hero Studio”
Jose Carlos Varela “JOSU3D”
Jose Luis Aragón “Blackone”

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